Motivation Tips

I’ve always wanted to change my body but never knew where to start. I knew it was going to be a long process but let’s face it, I was impatient and wanted a quick and easy fix. I even tried the slim pasta and a liquid-based diet before I tried working out and actually moving my body. For the last few months, I have been doing a lot of research and listening to my body and what it needs. I have come up with 6 tips to help motivate you to workout, I incorporate these into my day a few weeks before I started doing a full workout.

1. Social Media 

Social media and I have always had a love-hate relationship purely because I surrounded myself with people that made me feel worse about myself. One of the first things I did was go through the people I was following and unfollow all of them, start fresh. I know that some people won’t need to do that but this is just what helped me. Every morning when I looked at my phone all I would see was unrealistic body images and it had a huge effect on my mental health. I followed people that I saw myself being friends with in the real world, people I thought I would get on with that had fitness as one of their main interests. I then messaged a few people asking for tips and how they started out and the responses were amazing, people can be so kind.

If social media sometimes has a negative effect on you, there is no harm to take a break from it. You may find yourself twiddling your thumbs when you would usually be scrolling on Instagram or Twitter but whenever I took a little break I felt so much better for it.

2. Listening To Your Body

This helped me so much in the begging, I was never one for listening to my body because stupidly I didn’t think you could. If I wanted that cake then I would have it, my mind wanted it and I wanted it but did I need it? Did my body want it? I tried to put my body first and found it so hard, that little sweet snack I wanted after dinner wasn’t really needed because I had just eaten so I knew I wasn’t hungry but I couldn’t stop myself from wanting it. Want and need became two words I constantly thought about, whenever I wanted to overeat or have a cheeky snack that I knew I shouldn’t have I would have this conversation in my head . . .

“Do you want that chocolate bar?”


“But do you need it?”

“I guess not.”

Try and ask yourself those question, it will feel like there are two people battling it out in your head until you come to a decision but you can overcome that with time. Sometimes we know it will be the wrong choice but we’ll do it anyway and sometimes we’ll choose the right one and be happy with ourselves.

3. Do Your Research

Find out what you want to focus on when you workout, watch videos, read articles and find people to talk to that could help in some way. Look at how to workout and how to do the exercises properly, especially if like me you want to workout at home and not in the gym.

Also, have a look at foods that you want to try and meals you want to make. Read up about protein, gluten and carbs, before I read about them I thought that all but protein was bad for you but it depends on you as a person and what you want to achieve from working out. Read about fruit and veg, one mistake that I made before I read about it was that for one week I replaced one meal with a fruit smoothie, had a small lunch and a small dinner. I thought I was doing so well until I weighed myself. I was drinking so much sugar, my skin was bad and my body was expanding and yes it was stupid and I know that now but that is why you should do your homework kids!

4. Start In The Bedroom

I tried in the past and I knew that the gym was not for me, my body and confidence issues would affect my workout so much so that I just wouldn’t work out properly, it was a waste of my money. Now as I am more into fitness I would like to step out of my comfort zone and maybe go to a few classes but for now, I’m happy in my room. If you enjoy the gym then great go for it but if like me you find it intimidating and you’re broke then I would recommend staring in the bedroom. I always feel more confident and happy without an audience, I can talk to myself while I work out telling myself “10 more to go!” as the music is blaring and I feel good! Even if you workout at home I would recommend investing in a sports bra, those things are great!

5. Plan Ahead

When you find yourself at that stage where you want to work out but don’t know what to do or where to start, plan. Don’t worry about working out that can come later on but for now, just plan what you want to do. To start off I would plan to do one video a day. Usually, I used Lucy’s videos, they are so quick and fun and you will always find time to do them in your day. There are so many to choose from but anything with beginner in the title is a good one. I would always plan to do one a day if I did two or three that was a bonus but if I did one I would always tell myself that, that was ok. When you get more advanced you can become more creative with your workouts and what you do.

6. Have Fun

When you workout you must have fun otherwise there is no point, you will not enjoy it or want to do it, you will dread it and wish it was over before it started. Make sure you have a fun warm up, try listening to a good song and blasting it out loud while you dance like a crazy lady. This will get your heart rate up and you won’t even notice. Music is so important when working out, I play different music depending on my mood and it always makes the workouts more fun and doing certain things to the beat actually helps me to do more than I usually would. I have learnt that certain songs can’t be played when I workout because I spend too much time pretending to sing to them rather than actually working out!

I hope this helps someones out there until recently I have always been an unmotivated person and have surprised myself lately. Growing up me and my friends were always the same, saying one thing and never doing it but now the time has come for me to change. Please let me know what you do to get yourself motivated, there are so many that I have the list could go on. Part two coming soon, maybe?


One thought on “Motivation Tips

  1. Great post Louise, and some really good motivation tips in here.
    Social media is definitely a double edged sword. It can be so good for motivation and ideas, and yet there’s so much bad information on there too.

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