Can You Work Out On Your Period?

Of course, you can!

It depends on you as a person. I have just come off of the coil after 5 years, I would recommend it as a form of contraception but the side effects of having heavy periods every month, not so good. The coil made it so hard to work out, the pain would be unbearable and the motivation was not there.

I’m now using the patch, I’m still not too sure about it but will keep giving it ago until my pack runs out. This has made my periods go back to ‘normal’ they are lighter and nearly painless. I know not everyone has the same natural experience but this is mine. Coming off of the coil has made is so much easier for me to carry on working out even when it’s that time of the month.

When I’m on my period I tend to miss the first two days, these are usually my heaviest and really I just don’t feel like it. I do try and eat well though just so I don’t put on extra weight because once I get a sweet craving that it and I’m eating everything suggary in sight. However if during the first two days its lighter and I’m not experiencing pain and I feel like it, I will do a small workout but not beat myself up about it.

I always work out in my room, I have never worked out in the gym on my period. For me personally, I would not be comfortable and my mind wouldn’t be in the right headspace to do a full workout.

If you choose to work out on your period then go you, it depends on the person and your body. When I was unable to I would feel like I have let myself down and my head would spiral out of control with stupid thoughts. Sometimes this would be enough that I wouldn’t work out again even then I was off my period. Keep in mind that you can only do so much, you are allowed cheat days and layins. It’s all in moderation, I have only just stopped hating on myself because I didn’t work out or I ate a few sweets, it’s not the end of the world.

Listen to your body and you will be able to do most things if you can’t then enjoy the day off. You are not a bad person for having a cheat day and missing a few workouts, some exercise is better than none.

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