The Perfect Bath Ingredient For Achy Muscles

I love the feeling you get from working out, it’s like a high and I can’t help but feel proud of myself. But we have all done those workouts that hurt the next day, no matter how hard you stretch. Sometimes it’s a good pain because you can feel your workout working, other times not so much.

Last week I did two days of intense leg workouts, by the third day I was like jelly and couldn’t even do a squat. I knew what I’d done had worked but maybe it had worked a bit too much.

It’s important to look after your body in every way, from working out and eating right to the way you warm up and the way you relax. Baths are a good way to relax and unwind especially when you’ve done a huge workout. I had been on the hunt for a new bath product and after lots of reading and spending, I’ve found the perfect one!

Epsom Salt is bath salt, I’m sure I’m late to this like I am with everything else but I have just found it and yes I love it. You can buy it here. I use a handful and sprinkle into my bath along with bubbles and bath bombs. It seems to be helping me, the hot water and the salts ease any muscle pain I have. I wake up the next morning feeling fresh and almost pain-free depending on the workout I did.

I would definitely recommend Epsom Salt for those hard workouts, they are also good for easing stress as it relaxes the body, helps the muscles and nerves to function properly and can also have internal health benefits. You won’t get all the benefits from just laying in it, you can also drink it but make sure you buy one fit for consumption.

One thing that definitely helps is the setting, I love having baths and always try and make them super warm and cosy. Grab a book (try and go tech-free for a while) light a few candles, add heaps of bubbles, a sprinkle of bath salts and you will step out of that bath feeling calm and relaxed and just 100% chilled.

One thought on “The Perfect Bath Ingredient For Achy Muscles

  1. My wife has been raving about Epsom bath salts for years, I’ve resently taken to having a soak in the bath on a Sunday evening after our usual busy weekends with the horses and family, and Epsom bath salts are fabulous 😀

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