Am I Normal?

I ask myself this questions more than I probably should. I know that it’s mostly social media that makes me think it and some would just say “just stop using social media then.” But as a blogger, I do spend a lot of time online. I enjoy talking to new people and reading about what people have to say and what they are currently going through at the moment, social media isn’t all bad. Like in the real world you have to surround yourself with good content and content that you enjoy seeing.

When I was younger, I thought that I liked to see ‘perfect’, slim and pretty girls. The ones that don’t wear make up, eat fruit and veg all the time and live in a beach house wearing nothing but stringy bikinis. I’m ashamed to say that it took me ages to realise that this wasn’t how people actually lived and that a picture is a moment in time, no longer than a second and people are great at making seconds look amazing.

My phone was swamped with pictures of Kim Kardashian, Michelle Keegan and Alexis Ren to motivate me to work out and they did most of the time. They were also the worst thing to look at if I was having a down day. At the time my metabolism was slow and I ate more junk then I should have because that was my lifestyle. I was young and had sleepovers, had Nandos once a week before college and would just not think about what I ate that much. That was great until I felt crap about myself.

You have to have the right mindset to use social media in a way that doesn’t affect you negatively. I always ask myself am I right for blogging? Am I too deep? Will people like me? And although it is easier said than done, sometimes you just have to say fuck it and do things that make you happy. Your vibe attracts your tribe and I fully believe in it.

We are a generation of ‘doing it for the gram’ and that’s fine because I like making memories and taking pictures but just don’t let it consume you. Yes, like me you may have a bit of a tummy, you may have a big bum (which you should learn to love, says my boyfriend) and your skin may not be perfect, but nothing about you is wrong. You are perfectly imperfect and we’re all different and that is something to embrace. Don’t worry about what ‘they’ might think about you.

Am I normal? Hell no! I like weird and wonderful things, I talk about absolute crap half of the time and I am always telling dirty jokes in the most inappropriate places. But I laugh and smile and have people around me who care about me. Normal isn’t airbrushed and holidays in Bali (even though that would be great), normal is getting the tube to work, talking yourself out of having a doughnut but having one anyway and not washing your hair for a week because you can’t be bothered!

Just Be You!


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