Interview With – Scarlett Dixon


This week, get some amazing tips from the lovely Scarlett Dixon. I love her blog and YouTube channel and if you havent already, you should defiantly check her out. Scarlett is a blogger and YouTuber who writes and films everything from lifestyle to travel. She created Scarlett Digital London a place for bloggers and brands. From that came BlogConLDN, where bloggers, online influencers and brands can all be under the same roof!


For those that may not know, what is Scarlett London Digital?  

So as well as running my blog full-time (, I also run an events management and influencer marketing company – Scarlett London Digital. It was set up as there was a demand for someone in-the-know and actively immersed in the industry to help brands secure collaborations and find influencers whose audience matched theirs. The events side of things began because I used to attend events and feel a little left out, so I wanted to create a space where everyone would feel welcome, where you could network with the community IRL and meet with brands, and then leave armed with tonnes of new tips and inspiration!


Why was it important to you to create that bridge that brings bloggers and brands together?

Because I think networks and relationships flourish after a face-to-face meeting or interaction. Everything is online nowadays, an email or a tweet doesn’t really make the same impact it used to. So I think it’s important to have a real life space for those networks to be created. Lots of bloggers have told me about collaborations they’ve secured after attending one of my events, which is so lovely to hear!


What do brands look for in a blogger?

I think it depends on the brand, but generally, they look for quality of content, whether the blogger has a similar audience type to them, what sort of engagement they are getting. I’m glad that influencer marketing now goes further than just looking at numbers, there are now a whole host of things they look for. And so the best thing to do is be YOU and showcase your talents in an original, unique and engaging way. The blogging world is now very saturated but there’s room for everyone!



If someone with a small blog wanted to work with brands what would be the best way to get in contact with them?

I think there’s a slight stigma attached to reaching out, but actually from a brand’s perspective, it’s so helpful and a nice way to be introduced to bloggers they wouldn’t have come across before. Send a polite introductory email, tell them about yourself, your blog and your audience. Keep it as brief as possible (as lots of brands receive hundreds of emails and are time poor) and then also put something personal in there too. Why do you want to work with the brand? What could you offer the brand? What could a collab together do? Always think about what you’re offering them, as it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. And if you’re a little shy, why not just ask to be put on their blogger database?


Why is blogging important to you?

It’s an outlet for me and it’s helped me overcome some of my biggest challenges in life so far. I find writing and sharing what’s going on in my life is so therapeutic. Blogging is obviously my full time job now, but I still have the same love for documenting my life as I always did.


What advice would you give to someone struggling with their blog at the moment?

Take a step back and write down on a notebook WHY you started blogging. Did you want to experiment with photography? Did you want to write and have an outlet to showcase your life like me? I think there’s a lot of pressure on being perfect and keeping up with the Joneses but just focus on being YOU and enjoying it. The rest will come naturally.


 Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your younger self when you first started your own blog?

To have realised that you should always offer a personal flavour of the topic you’re writing about. It’s no longer enough to write about a lipstick or a dress you’ve just bought. You have to write about the why, the when, the how, the who. People want stories, you have to offer your audience something, hook them in and keep them captivated. I wish I’d realised how much people love a personal post! Now 99% of my posts are very personal. Back when I started, I kept myself quite separate and just talked about materialistic things.


What do you enjoy about blogging?

Everything! I love the variety, I love the creativity, I love that you are your own boss and you have your own space to run free and wild with your ideas. It’s a fabulous, new and ever evolving industry that I think we’ve only just seen the beginning of.


What is BlogConLDN?

So #BlogConLDN is my next big blogger and brand networking event. It’s going to be the largest yet, we have an incredible venue (with great lighting – perfect for those all important Instagrams) and we’re also going to have some of my favourite bloggers hosting panels – where discussions on topics affecting the community will take place. Guests can take the event at their own pace, browsing brand exhibitors, networking with fellow bloggers, or taking part in our masterclasses and workshops. I hope guests will leave feeling inspired! Read more about it here.


The blogging community is constantly growing, what can bloggers do to ensure that their blog posts stand out to their readers?

I think injecting as much of your personality as possible, finding an angle on current topics to talk about things personally and also hooking the reader in with a question. Don’t use a statement as a post title, ask a question. It seems to capture more readers, especially in a world where we are bombarded by content. Ask, tell, show, explore! Don’t be afraid to be different.


What are some important qualities a successful blog should have?

I think if there was a winning formula to share, I’d be a millionaire. I think every blog offers something totally different and that’s the beauty of the diverse, varied community. Good, quality content is key, consistency is also important and I do believe that having your own domain is imperative. It costs VERY little, is easy to set up and it shows people you are just that bit more serious about your blog. Have a clean, clear and easy to navigate layout (pipdig is fab) and also make sure you have a ‘Contact’ page showing on your homepage for people to reach out to you if they want to. You’d be astounded by the number of people that still don’t have their email address on their blog!


What does the future hold for Scarlett London Digital?

Who knows, the blogging world is ever evolving but it’s incredibly exciting to be immersed within it. I think we haven’t yet reached the full pinnacle of blogging and lots of brands are still wising up to how bloggers are changing up traditional media and marketing and offering something different. So watch this space!


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