Talking Fitness With Carly Rowena

How and why did you first get into blogging?

My story is a little backwards, it was actually my followers who made me realise my passions. I was 26 when I first found YouTube and it wasn’t for a year later that I started blogging. I was working in marketing for BMW and MINI and although it was a fantastic career I just knew it wasn’t where I wanted to be. I had never known what my talent was and I was never particularly outstanding at anything so finding that dream career was beyond difficult. I turned to YouTube as a sort of talent search filming videos from food, fashion, comedy, beauty to fitness and it wasn’t until my followers started asking me to personally train them that I realised my passion & talent had been in fitness all along. One PT course and 6 months later I was a fully qualified PT training 32 clients a week!


When you were in school/college did you know that you wanted a job in fitness? If not what did you want to become?

 At school I wanted to be a dancer or an air hostess. It didn’t take me long to realise that my lack of co-ordination was going to mean that dancing would never happen and I grew out of wanting to be an air hostess after I saw a passenger throw up on a stewardess!

When you are not working out what do you like to do in your spare time?

I love being active so if I’m not working out you’ll usually find me filming a workout video or walking my dog Steven. Otherwise you’ll find my bum planted in my office replying to emails, editing videos and writing blog posts!

What effect do you think social media has on the way that people view their own bodies?

I’d love to say social media has improved peoples mindset towards their bodies however as eating disorders are on the rise I think we all know that’s not true. I think social media is incredible, I personally find it very motivating. I have a strong personality and will happily unfollow an account if it makes me feel negative towards myself, I can’t say everyone has that within them.

You have been blogging and creating videos for a while now, what has been your biggest achievement?

Building a community and making friends worldwide is 100% my greatest achievement. As a kid I never had a close friendship group and would have laughed if you said I’d be where I am now! I have also been very lucky to work with so many brands that I adore, to think they even know who I am, let alone want to collaborate with me is unbelievable!

What advice would you give to someone who has tried and wants to work out but has no motivation?

 Find what works for you, at the beginning of any consultation I always ask the client what they enjoy and what they don’t. If you dislike the gym then why have you got a membership? If you hate running then why have you told yourself you’re going to do it 3 times a week? Take a step back and figure out what you enjoy, after all a healthy body comes from movement and nutrition, if we can find how you like to move then we can make everything else work around it!

Carly-edits-154.jpgWhat health benefits do you notice from working out and eating right?

Do you have an hour because that’s how long it would take me to tell you. Putting it simply, working out is as important to my day as eating and sleeping. Eating healthy (balanced, nutritiously, however you want to put it) fuels me to have a better day.

What is on you bucket list for this year?

So many things, to be honest I’m climbing Kilimanjaro as a retreat for my followers in February and that’s been on my list for a long time so that’s enough for me right now! Otherwise I want to keep working on creating motivational content and meeting more people face to face at my events, retreats, in the street, everywhere!


Something that most people struggle with is self-confidence, what would you say to those people?

Everyone struggles with self-confidence, I don’t think we should put so much pressure on ourselves to be completely happy with everything about us, it sounds like a lot of stress. We’re only human, we always want to be the best, perhaps we should just go with feeling our best right now. Self confidence comes from understanding what you’re about and being unafraid to be that person, for most of us we actually need to take a step back and spend some time on our own. How can you ever know who you are if you’re always surrounded by the influence of others?


What motivates you to get up and work out?

Those crazy endorphin’s, I love that rush of life that flows through my body during a workout – plus the thought that I get to eat something scrummy as soon as it’s over!

You are now married (belated congratulations!) to someone who is also very much into health and fitness. How do you balance work life and your personal life?

 It’s hard, I’m not going to lie. No relationship is perfect and to be honest that’s what a good relationship is all about, learning to work together. We both love to train but we’re useless when we train together, we’ll head to the gym or CrossFit box but train separately and then give each other a high-five at the end. Food wise he’s a meat eater and I’m pescatarian, we make the veggies & carbs together and then do our own sources of protein, it makes far too much washing up but it’s worth it!


For all the fitness newbies out there…

 For all the fitness newbies out there, write down a plan, take your measurements, snap a photo and go have fun. Make a change per week but don’t let your emphasis be on restricting or removing food groups, instead opt for adding new foods / recipes in. Also reward yourself when you reach goals and remember this is something you’re going to do for the rest of your life, not until your next holiday. You can do this!






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