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Welcome back everyone!


I hope you have all had an amazing Christmas and New Year.


I always love this time of year, we have had an amazing end to a good year and now its time to make the start of the new year as best as possible.


What are your plans for the New Year? I am always intrigued to know what plans and resolutions people make for the new year. Be sure to take lots of pictures and make a ton of memories!


January is a time where people think about their health a lot, we either want to lose weight or just change our life style for the better, to hook up our future selves. Every Sunday this month you will be able to read an interview by some of my absolutely favourite health and fitness bloggers and vloggers! They include some good tips and tricks for working out and what to do to gain a healthy lifestyle.


I feel like now people are loving their bodies more and the online communities are seeing that beauty is in everything and everyone. Only do things that you want to do and be sure to make them things that will make you happy. As a person you should always look at change as a good thing. When people say “You’ve changed.” you should be glad that they have  noticed whether that’s a physical or mental change, if we all stayed the same throughout our lives… Life would be boring.


Enjoy 2018 people! Make it the best year yet!

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