10 Movies You Have To Watch This Christmas

It is finally Christmas week and I could not be more excited. Apart from the stressful last minute dashes to the shops December is such a lovely month, everyone just seems happier even though they are all rushing around the shops and stressing.

This week there will be a Christmas themed blog post coming your way at 7pm. I personally love shopping or coming home from work and reading a good few blog posts before I go to bed, they are all just so festive and everyone posts a little bit more and the pictures are always amazing, I LOVE IT! There is only one other way for me to unwind and relax on the weekends and that is watching Christmas movies so I thought I would share with you my top 10 Christmas movies that you can binge watch this weekend.

As a Christmas enthusiast there is no order to these films as I love all of them! This weekend (or week if you are lucky enough to be off work) grab some goodies and sit down to watch some good ol’ movies.

Arthur Christmas AR

I feel like this film is one of the baby ones, it came out in 2011 but has easily turned into one of those movies you have to watch around this time of year. The way that they have modified Christmas is amazing and I feel like children these days would actually believe that Santa makes it round the world in one night using this method. I won’t go into too much detail in case you want to but haven’t watched it yet. It’s a funny family movie but if like me you just love everything Christmassy I think you will love it!

Elf ELf.jpg

I have watched this movie most years since it first came out, it just has to be done. I might be considered an ‘adult’ now but I don’t care, I could watch children’s movies all day long if I wanted to!

For me this is a Christmas Eve movie, with the family and a crap ton of junk food. There is not much to say on this movie as I feel like most people have seen it but if you haven’t . . .  What have you been doing?! My love for Will Farrell started with this film!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas Grinch.jpg

This is my favourite films I think, it came out in 2000 so I would have been about 3 and probably a bit young to watch it but I do remember being introduced to it when I was about 7 and just loving it so much. Dr Seuss knows how to pull on the heart strings! It’s just a heart-warming funny movie and I have already watched it twice this year.

Love Actually Love ac.jpg

Another one of my all-time favs! I don’t have to watch this (or any of the films to be honest) just at Christmas time! I did watch this when I was younger and didn’t really understand it. It is one of those movies that gets better the older that you get. Some of the things that happen in the movie have happened to me and you just relate more. You laugh at all the sneaky little jokes you didn’t notice before and you feel more emotional and it is just more relatable! Yes I have watched this already and yes I will be watching it again before December is up!

The Holiday TheHolidaySoundtrack.jpg

I feel like I was a bit late jumping on this bandwagon. I never thought I would like it so I didn’t watch it. The first time I sat down and actually watched it was last Christmas when it was on TV. Christmas movies don’t always have to be about shopping and finding Christmas in your heart, sometimes it can just be a love story with some snow and trees and that will do me! The cast help me to love this film even more, it’s such a good cosy film and one that isn’t on TV enough.

The Muppets Christmas Carol muppets.jpg

Another kiddy movie for all of those like me! I love this movie, it was on the other day and it was just so cute and got me in the mood to sing songs all day! I love how it teaches you to be nice at Christmas and all times of the year. I have seen this one and the one with Jim Carey and they are both so good! It’s the same story but done differently but it doesn’t feel like you are watching the same movie! I would watch both and let me know what you think!

Deck The Halls deck.jpg

This one is another that is always on the telly, I do think that I don’t like it that much until I am half way through the movie for the second time that week because that is all that they play!

Home Alone home alone.jpg

I feel like the list wouldn’t be completed if I didn’t add this in somewhere. Now it’s not my favourite Christmas movie and I don’t know why, everyone that I talk to about it loves it more than most other movies but for me I was never that into it. Don’t get me wrong, I saw it the other day and I did love it but for me it would be on in the background while I wrap presents or bake rather than sit down and concentrate.

The Nightmare Before Christmas nightmare b4.jpg

Yes I have watched this at Halloween and at Christmas because it does both in one! It’s not your typical Christmas movie but I do love Tim Burton and all of his movies, I have done since I was a child (The Course Bride, remember that one?). I think it’s the way that all of his movies are dark but child friendly and they are for the adults too.

Mickeys Christmas Carol mickey.jpg

Ok this isn’t a proper movie but you do need a bit of Disney at Christmas. I don’t know if any of you guys would have watched this but it is the cutest movie ever! I haven’t actually watched it in a while just because it isn’t on the TV but I do remember watching it every year when I was younger! Before frozen there was Mickey and Mini Mouse (god I feel old) and I don’t know what it is but it will probably make every Christmas movie list I make just because it’s a childhood thing!

Well that is it lads, that’s my full top 10. I could actually go on and do probably another 10 but I will save that for next year! Let me know on twitter or in the comments below your favourite Christmas movies, if they are not on my list let me know and I will watch them! These films are not the most adult films but I really don’t care, Christmas is a time where the child comes out of all of us.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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