Blogger – Styles Purging

1. Tell us about yourself . . .

Hello, my name is Charlotte and I’ve just turned 24 this past July. I’ve been running my blog, which focuses mainly on beauty and lifestyle since December 2012, so coming up to five years now which is just crazy to even comprehend 

2. How did you first get into blogging? Who inspired you?

I first began blogging because of uni, as we were advised to start a blog as a portfolio to help showcase our work over the years but essentially my blog turned into something completely different. Around the time that I started blogging I had already been reading a few blogs, one of them being Zoella’s because she had done a post all about dip dying your hair at home and it was something I was thinking about doing, but this was before she was even known as Zoella (that’s how ancient I am in this blogging world). I guess you could say I was inspired by her, but I still really didn’t know what blogging was, as it wasn’t a big thing back then.

3. How would you describe your blogging style?

I kind of struggled with this question, mainly because I’ve never thought about my blogging style.. I just write a post and don’t really think about it too much but I would say my blogging style is definitely quite relaxed but still honest at the same time, and I just write as I would in person almost, whilst also trying my hardest to be grammatically correct and avoid the spelling mistakes (which I think we’re all guilty of). I will say that my blog is a lot more planned than what it used to be, as it would just be instant almost and I just blogged about what new things I was liking. Whereas now I don’t have the time to blog as instantly as I used to with now having a full time job, so I now plan my content a lot more as blogging has completely changed over the past couple of years and I almost feel like I have to ensure my content is on par, else I feel like no one will read it.

4. How do you come up with new and fresh ideas for your blog?

A few years back my answer for this would have been completely different, as I mentioned I used to be quite instant with it, if I had an idea I’d be able to sit down there and then and type up a post, whereas now with a full time job my mind is focused more and I rarely have the time to think up new ideas as such. Whereas now when it comes to thinking up ideas for content it’s a lot different and sometimes harder if I’m honest. I usually sit down of a Saturday morning and plan out my posts for the week and usually I’ll have some blogger mail or products I’ve bought recently that I want to write about in some way, but usually it’s things around me or things i’m seeing that inspire me. I do also look to other bloggers, and the content they are putting out to see if it will spur any sort of ideas especially when it comes to more seasonal style content but I do think there is a very fine line with taking influence and just straight up copying, which I do pride myself in not doing and if I am doing a take on someones else’s post, I will always credit where credit is due.

5. How do you make sure you always have time to blog?

As I’ve touched on, my blogging style completely changed when getting a full time 9-5 job and essentially my weekends are my main blogging time. I do most picture taking early on a Saturday morning, and then spend any other spare time I have of a weekend to write the posts. Having said that, I definitely plan ahead especially if I know I have a busy weekend ahead of me, so if need be I will spend a few evenings typing up posts prior to the photo taking so then I can spend what little time I do have taking and editing photos to ensure I still have posts going up. (new paragraph). Time management is definitely a hard one to adjust to and learn how to manage, but once you’ve got yourself on track it’s quite easy to stick to and has been working for me for the past two years.

6.Who are your top 3 bloggers

  •  Hannah Gale
  •  DizzyBrunette3 (Corrie)
  •  MakeupSavvy

7.What do you like to do in your spare time?

Other than blogging, I’m currently really into the gym so most evenings after work you will find me in the gym as it is great for me mentally to just forget about the day and get out any frustration that I may be bottling up. It’s also great to see myself getting stronger each week, and working towards goals and hitting new personal bests.  (new paragraph) I also really enjoy watching absolute trash TV such a KUWTK, Ex on the Beach, Love Island.. all of those reality style shows but granted I don’t watch much in general and is often just something to have in the background. Having said that, one of my goals for this year is to read more, of which I have been doing in favour for watching the TV and so far i’m quite enjoying switching off of an evening. (new paragraph) Other than that and socializing with friends over all the carbs, i’m quite boring really haha!

8. How do you deal with negative comments and feedback about your blog?

To be honest, I’ve never had or had to deal with any negativity towards me but if I did I don’t think it would bother me. It’s sounds odd to say this, but I don’t think I have a huge following in order to attract negativity and nor do I blog on massive taboo’s or opinionated subjects. Having said that, I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone because some of the comments I read are just downright disgusting sometimes. 

9. What camera do you use to take your blog picture with?

Currently I use a Canon 1100D, which isn’t the best of cameras but it does the job and has served me well since I invested in it a few years back.

10. For the newer bloggers, how do you find the money to fund you blog posts?

When I first started blogging I just blogged about the products I already had, and if I did ever buy any makeup and not for blogging may I add I would just post hauls and then reviews of what I thought of the products. You do definitely go through a phase of being pulled into hyped products and here I say do your research and only buy the products you are genuinely interest in, but in all honesty I don’t think about having to money aside to fund my blog and I don’t think new bloggers should have to either. Blog about what you want to blog about, you don’t need to buy every single new product ‘because it would make a great blog post’.

11. How do you keep your readers interested?

Sometimes I do wonder this in all honesty, but I think by just being open and honest, and true to myself by creating content I too would love to read. I also feel I’m quite relatable, as I to read blogs of those I feel I am similar to or relate to, which can often feel comforting whilst also reminding you you’re not alone sometimes.

12. What is the greatest satisfaction about being a blogger?

For me it’s having a creative outlet outside of work, and also a hobby that I enjoy and love. Also being able to meet lots of people through blogging, whether it be fellow blogging gals who I now refer to as friends or brands that I’ve made good working relationships with.

13. What is the best way to gain more reader on your blog site? 

This one is a hard one to answer, because blogging has changed so much but generally I think through posting regular and engaging content, whilst also communicating with bloggers whether it be via social or commenting on other blogs. One thing I wish I had more time for was engaging more with the community, but unfortunately I can’t be on social media all hours of the day which often gets me down as it’s so important now more than ever to actually be vocal and a part of this community.


14. For anyone thinking about starting a blog of their own, what advice do you have for them?

Stay true to yourself and the rest will follow. Very simple and vague I guess, but if you’re not being true to yourself and doing what you love, then it will be noticeable and harder in the long run.


I juts wanted to say a big thank you to Charlotte for talking time out of her day to do this interview. I have always read her blog posts, they are always at the top of my list of new posts to read. If you haven’t checked her out then what are you doing! 

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*Picture by Charlotte

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