Blogger – HarmonyBlaze

1. Who Are You?

​Hi – I’m Emma and I’m the brains behind the healthy living & lifestyle blog HarmonyBlaze. I started my site back in October 2014 and initially just concentrated on reviewing new products that I had received in my Glossybox or Birchbox, over the past few years it has evolved to be more lifestyle based content and I recently won ‘Best Fitness Blog’ at the 2017 #BloggersBlogAwards in Leeds.

2. How did you first get into blogging and who inspired you?

​When I started blogging I only read a few blogs – InTheFrow, ZoeLondon & Lily Pebbles​. All three of them have influenced me and my content over the years and still do, they are still the three blogs that I always go back to when looking for inspiration whether it be design, photography or content.

3. How would you describe your blogging style?

​If I had to describe my blogging style in three words I would choose honest, natural and relate-able… Or at least I hope it is anyway. My blogs are literally an outlet for my little rambles and when I sit down at the laptop I don’t think too much about what I’m typing and just let the words flow. I’m not scared to overshare which I think it something my readers like.

4. How do you come up with new and fresh ideas for your blog?

​I don’t have one hard and fast rule for coming up with content idea as I come up with ideas all the time and carry a notepad with me where ever I​ go so that I can scribble down ideas! Most come from personal experiences, some from my travels and some come to me in the shower when I’m not even thinking about blogging at all!

5. How do you make sure you always have time to blog?

​I don’t. For my blogging is still a hobby and one that I love so I do it in my spare time whenever that may be (usually Saturday mornings), but I try not to let it run my life because I think that would take the fun out of it for me. I try to make sure that my social is always scheduled in for the week ahead on a Sunday evening and have a few posts planned in so that if I don’t have time to blog at the weekend then it doesn’t matter too much.

6. Who are your top 3 bloggers?

​I love so many bloggers right now its hard to pick just three! That being said the ones that have me hooked right now are Queen Beady, Vix Meldrew & Amanda Bootes – they’re all lovely ladies and their content is always engaging and relate-able.

7. What do you like to do in your spare time?

​Not that I tend to have much but aside from blogging which is my biggest pass time, I love going to the gym and getting out and about. I have a National Trust Membership which is really useful for finding new places to explore and for getting some air in my lungs from time-to-time. My favourite site is Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire and I love heading up there every once in a while… they do fab Jacket Potatoes there too in the cafe which is always good!

8. How do you deal with negative comments and feedback about your blog?

​I’ve only had one or two negative comments on my blog & YouTube channel over the years which makes me feel so lucky! I have had one or two people take exception to things I’ve said on Twitter though which can be quite hard to handle as I think most of the time it has been a misunderstanding that has caused it. I once said that I felt really fat after a meal out and someone messaged me to say that I was misusing the word and encouraging eating disorders, they weren’t from the UK and didn’t understand the turn of phrase in the same context that UK followers did.​

9. What camera do you use to take your blog pictures with?

​When I first started my site I used my iPhone to take my pictures on and occasionally I would use my boyfriends DSLR (Panasonic Lumix GH1) if I wanted to take something that had a bit more definition to it. These days the majority are taken on my beloved E-PL7 Olympus Pen – it’s a great compact little camera and I use it for vlogging as well as blog photos.

10. For new bloggers, how do you find the money to fund your blog posts?

​Because the majority of my posts are experience based I don’t tend to spend too much on products to review, but I found the subscription boxes were a great way to get products when I first started out … but you do end up drowning in miniatures after a while doing that!​

11. How do you keep your readers interested?

​If anyone knows how I do this please let me know because I’m at a loss! I’d like to think consistency in posting keeps people coming back for more.

12. What is the greatest satisfaction from being a blogger?

Comments​!!! I always try to make time to comment on my favourite posts because I know how much a little note to say how much you have enjoyed reading it can mean to the writer.

13. What is the best way to gain more readers on your blog site?

Engage ​with the community; share your posts, comment on other blogs in a non-spammy way… There is no golden rule but this definitely helps.

14. For anyone thinking about starting a blog of their own, what advice do you have for them?

Do it! I won’t lie to you being a blogger is hard work – you’re your own writer, editor, ​photographer, marketer … But it is so satisfying to see your work out there. You don’t need fancy equipment, you just need words.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Emma. It has been a lot of stress but so worth it! You have to check out Emma’s blog and all of her social media! I have always loved reading her blog posts, they are perfect to add to my reading list. I get into granny mode, cuppa tea, fluffy dressing gown and catching up on my blog posts. 

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